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In Episode 1 of WELTKIOSK talks, we speak with Susanne Koelbl, foreign reporter for DER SPIEGEL, about her many years covering Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, and her new book, BEHIND THE KINDGOM’S VEIL: The New Saudi Arabia Under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (coming in 2020).

This first WELTKIOSK talk took place in October in Berlin

WELTKIOSK talks is a new events and podcast series. It is a long-term project where we explore the state of international journalism.

Together with journalists, authors, and news professionals we reflect on how news, foreign news in particular, is gathered and reported today; how we learn about what’s going on in the world; and how we can champion “the best in international journalism”––which has been our motto from the start.

WELTKIOSK was founded in 2010 by Alexandra Steffes and Henning Hoff. The publishing house was launched with the German translation ofAhmed Rashid’s DESCENT INTO CHAOS (or STURZ INS CHAOS) about the war in Afghanistan and the role of Pakistan, which sold out in two days.

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